This is why I love St. Louis

The question I’m asked most often by family and friends is, “How do you like St. Louis?”

Sometimes it’s simply small talk. Most times, however, there’s a real element of curiosity there.┬áThat’s probably because St. Louis doesn’t have the best reputation – it’s been called one of the most dangerous cities in America, for crying out loud (though you should read on nextSTL why that claim is completely bogus).

My answer to those questions is usually the same: When I moved here in 2010, I anticipated it being a temporary stay. Instead, I’ve fallen in love with this city for all of the reasons it’s great and even for all of the reasons it’s not.

But I haven’t articulated this very well. That’s why I love the short films created by Grain, a local creative agency. About a year ago, the agency released a four-minute video titled “Here is St. Louis” that displayed the highlights of this city. Grain released a follow-up video titled “Here is Saint Louis Two” a day ago.

The short films capture almost everything I love about St. Louis, like:

The films answer the questions better than I ever have. Take a look at the two videos below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Ryan Martin is a public safety reporter at The Indianapolis Star. He previously worked as managing editor of The Elkhart Truth in northern Indiana and associate regional editor of in St. Louis.

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