Patch editors in St. Louis say goodbye to their communities

Updated on Monday, Oct. 14:¬†Added links to Karlie Baker’s, Doug Miner’s and Kalen Ponche’s farewell messages.

The end is near for my friends at Patch in St. Louis.

On Aug. 16, a handful of us were told we were no longer a part of the company’s future. On that same day, the rest of the St. Louis crew heard they also were laid off, though their final day wouldn’t come until Oct. 15.

As that date draws closer, my former colleagues have started sharing farewell messages with their communities. I’ve loved reading them. What a classy and professional crew. You won’t find a tinge of regret or anger in their language; instead, you’ll read the reflections of editors who understand the impact of their work over the past three years.

Lord, I’m going to miss working with that team. Even amid layoffs, their words continue to inspire me.

Though the future of the sites remains uncertain, I wanted to collect the links here so I may revisit the posts one day. I intend to add more links as more messages are posted. I hope you appreciate the words as much as I do:

My favorite message comes from my former boss, Kurt Greenbaum, who hired many of us and led the charge in St. Louis from day one:

“Here’s why we loved it: Every single day we did our jobs, we received immediate and personal feedback from Patch users who let us know they appreciated what we were doing…


And for my friends, dedicated readers and colleagues, I just want to say thank you.”

Ryan Martin is a public safety reporter at The Indianapolis Star. He previously worked as managing editor of The Elkhart Truth in northern Indiana and associate regional editor of in St. Louis.

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  1. Recently Kalen Ponche wrote an article about the old Cribbin House in St. Charles. That house was built by my great, great grandfather, Lawrence Cribbin, who first bought 450 acres in Houston, TX in 1839 before migrating to Missouri. I would like to find out if Kalen has any source material about the Cribbin property in St. Charles County as I am writing a book about his land here in Texas – land which I have bequeathed to the Catholic Church for a new parish to be called Regina Caeli which will celebrate the traditional Latin Mass.
    Thanks for your efforts,
    Betty Lee White
    P.S. My grandmother was Elizabeth Mary Cribbin who married James Emanuel White on October 27, 1887.

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