Hi 👋, I'm Ryan Martin.
I build impactful products through design and development.

I'm a software engineer + product designer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I specialize in bringing innovative ideas to life through the entire product development process - from 🔍 discovery to 🚀 launch. I'm particularly interested in leveraging technology to drive positive change, especially in the field of 🌍 climate tech. Currently I'm studying for the final year of my 🎓 bachelor's degree at APU.

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You can also find me on:
🔗 LinkedIn, 🐦 Twitter, 🐙 GitHub, 🚀 Product Hunt, and here's my resume.

Highlighted Projects

Beru - Carbon accounting platform

PoC of a product-level carbon footprint management system aimed towards manufacturing companies with complex supply chains. Deployment link. GitHub.

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PKPM E-ticketing system

Event e-ticketing and partcipant check-in system that streamlined the event flow up to 400% for 600+ participants. GitHub.

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PalmConnect Superapp

PoC of a superapp for the palm oil industry that aims to improve FFB supply chain traceability and social inclusion of smallholder farmers.

Other projects

I build side projects for fun or to learn a new technology. Nowadays I usually work on web applications, such as this 🔍 NFT explorer or this 👾 cybersecurity learning platform, but previously I used to (and still do) like building system programs such as compilers, VMs, and databases. You can find all of my projects as well as my tech stack on my GitHub page.


Every once in a while I write articles for my blog. My posts cover topics I'm passionate about and share solutions to problems I've encountered. Check out some of my most noteworthy articles:

Fun Facts

I spend most of my time staring at screens, either 🏗️ building side projects or 🔍 exploring new products and technologies. When I'm not doing that, I like to listen to 🎧 music and try to finish my 📚 reading list.

I'm a big fan of 🚩 CTFs and have participated in many over the past few years. As a fun challenge, I've hidden three flags on this website. You don't need any prior experience with CTFs to give it a shot - it could be a great way to get familiar with the field!